Alpine Mitigation, Inc.


  • - Specializing in radon reduction
  • - Testing - continuous
  • - Radon monitors
  • - NEHA certified and insured









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About Our Company

Alpine Mitigation, Inc. is your trusted source for radon mitigation solutions in the Colorado Springs, CO area. Specializing in radon reduction services, our certified team guarantees prompt and professional results! Let Alpine Mitigation, Inc. provide all of your radon testing needs.


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About Radon

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Naturally occurring colorless, odorless, and chemically inert but radioactive gas present (in varying amounts) in all soils and groundwater, and which occurs due to decay of uranium atoms over time.


Success Stories

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Read about our customers testimonials and there success stories by using Alpine Mitigation Inc. to install and get rid of the Radon that was present.